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RedBeanPHP is a framework agnostic library. You can use the RedBeanPHP library with any PHP framework you like. Some frameworks provide ready-to-use RedBeanPHP plugins or incorporate RedBeanPHP. On this page we provide a list of plugins and frameworks that offer out-of-the-box integration with RedBeanPHP.

Lagan CMS

Lagan CMS is a flexible content management system using Slim, RedBeanPHP and Twig. Learn more about Lagan.

Straight Framework

If you are just looking for a plain and simple framework to use with RedBeanPHP you might want to consider the Straight Framework.


The Processwire CMS offers a RedBeanPHP module. Learn more about the Processwire RedBeanPHP module.

Laravel RedBeanPHP

The Laravel community has created a RedBeanPHP plugin. Learn more about the Laravel RedBeanPHP plugin. Yet another Laravel Plugin.

Nibble Framework

The Nibble Framework ships with RedBeanPHP. Learn more about the Nibble Framework.

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