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We are currently testing the next version of RedBeanPHP 5.5. Download the latest here and help us test! New features (manual sections will be soon be added):

New RedBeanPHP 5.5:

  • @joined SQL extension now works with most RedBeanPHP functions (Lynesth)
  • New SQL extensions: @own @shared to access own and shared lists in queries (Lynesth)
  • You can now also chain SQL-extension i.e. (Gabor)
  • @joined now also works with CTE-based trees (Gabor)
  • You can now send meta data along with find queries (Gabor)
  • Execution bit removed from PHP files (Travispaul)
  • Plug-ins may now also contain underscores (Lynesth)
  • Arrays are now allowed as mete mask (Lynesth)
  • Minor performance improvement in converToBeans (Lynesth)
  • Improved checking in LIMIT-1 glue (Lynesth)
  • Fix issues in Hybrid mode (Gabor/MadTeddy)
  • Make convertToBean compatible with getRow (Gabor/Flip111)
  • Fix in OODBBean changelist (AlexanderYIXIAO)
  • Fix in testPartialBeansAtSetup (AlexanderYIXIAO)
  • Removal of AutoResolve (Gabor/Lynesth/Rayraz)*

Roadmap for release

  • Allow find()/batch()/load() to use aliases as well (with feature flag)
  • See if we can merge queryRecordWithCursor with queryRecord
  • Test CUBRID and Firebird
  • Achieve 100% test coverage for this release again (now 99.9)
  • Slightly more elegant way to obtain meta data with R::bindFunc

Download RedBeanPHP 5.5 Beta

Download a beta release and help us test the new upcoming version of RedBeanPHP.

  • RedBeanPHP 5.5 BETA2
  • RedBeanPHP 5.5 BETA1

* possible breaking change - Due to a bug, the AutoResolve feature never worked in Frozen mode unless you had a table with the same name as the resolved bean type. We tried to fix this but the complexity was going through the roof and Rayraz pointed out this the feature was actually at odds with the whole RedBeanPHP philosophy. So I decided to kill it. Although this is a backward incompatible change we do not expect users to notice due to the fact nobody reported the bug and the whole feature was defect in Frozen mode. Therefore, it looks safe to remove the code. For fluid mode this might pose a breaking change, however fluid systems are not supposed to run on production machines in the first place. In the worst case you have to adjust your development environment in order to update. Because I do not believe this is a real breaking change (the feature did not work at all and nobody reported it) I decided not to update the major version number.

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